Getting ready to apply RE-AIM and PRISM

Several resources are available to help you get started using RE-AIM and PRISM in your work. First, consider using the RE-AIM planning tool and the PRISM planning tool to organize your thoughts and priorities about outcomes and contextual factors as early as possible in your process:

RE-AIM Planning Tool PDF Download 

PRISM Planning Tool (link to PRISM planning tool in Tools/Resources)

RE-AIM and PRISM can be used throughout the entire implementation process, from planning through implementation and evaluation. They are also very useful in grant-writing as you frame your research questions, aims, and approach. For guidance on applying these frameworks throughout each stage of the process, including grant-writing, read more here Guidance.

Reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, maintenance, and contextual factors influencing these dimensions can be assessed in multiple ways and in varying combinations, depending on the phase of implementation (planning, implementing, evaluating) and sources of data available to you. For suggestions and examples of approaches that have been used for assessment with RE-AIM and PRISM, explore the information available on Assessments.

You can also explore the full list of tools and resources available on this site.