Measures and Checklists

This section includes measures and checklists useful when employing the RE-AIM Framework; these can be useful in the planning and evaluation of programs, policy and practice.

RE-AIM Planning Tool and Adaptation

The RE-AIM Planning Tool is intended as a series of “thought questions,” which serve as a checklist, for key issues that should be considered when planning an intervention. The best way to use this tool would be to think about the issues raised and their pertinence to your intervention(s). Ideally, your review will help you make any relevant changes before launching the intervention. The questions listed are generalized and meant as self-checks, so don’t worry about not answering the ones that are not relevant to your unique program and situation.

Use our new interactive checklist here.

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RE-AIM Criteria for Conducting Literature Reviews

This coding sheet has been used when conducting literature reviews from the RE-AIM perspective. Please see publications and presentations for further examples.

Download checklist here.

Conducting a systematic review using the RE-AIM framework? Please find a data extraction and coding companion guide used for:

Harden SM., Gaglio, B., Shoup, J.A., Kinney, K.A., Johnson, S.B., Brito, F., Blackman, K.C., Zoellner, J.M., Hill, J.L. and Almeida, F.A., Fidelity to and comparative results across behavioral interventions evaluated through the RE-AIM framework: a systematic review. Syst Rev. 2015; 4: 155.”

RE-AIM Data Extraction Coding File

RE-AIM Coding Companion Guide

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Measuring the Use of the RE-AIM Model Dimension Items Checklist

The Implementation Science Team at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS), in partnership with other key leaders and RE-AIM authors, developed and piloted a 2 page instrument to aid those interested in applying RE-AIM (Reach, Effectiveness, Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance) to their activities. For each dimension, a list of items which indicate exemplar use of RE-AIM is provided. This instrument was designed as part of project to review grant proposals for the extent to which they have used RE-AIM and different elements of the framework in their grant applications (manuscript forthcoming). It could easily be adapted for use in planning or reviewing programs or policies, or in drafting grants or journal articles and other reports using the RE-AIM framework. This coding sheet is an expanded and updated version of earlier coding forms that have been used in reviewing the health promotion literature, but is designed specifically for those wishing to employ RE-AIM.

Download checklist here.

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RE-AIM Scoring Criteria

This is an adapted 22-item scoring sheet, similar to that of the RE-AIM Criteria for Conducting Literature Reviews (above), which has been added to Research Tested Intervention Programs (RTIPS). Please click here for more information.

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