What is PRISM?

What is PRISM and how do I find out more about it?

PRISM is the contextually expanded, updated version of RE-AIM. It adds key contextual factors that often are associated with implementation and program outcomes- especially the 5 

RE-AIM outcomes of Reach, Effectiveness Adoption, Implementation, and Maintenance. PRISM is both a determinant and evaluation framework in the classification suggested by Nilsen , and has also more recently been used as a process model to guide implementation adaptation

            There are several resources to ins out more about PRISM, including:

-A review article on PRISM by Rabin et al

-A brief video description of key points by Dr. Rabin

-A power point presentation by Dr. Glasgow

-View the interview of Dr. Glasgow by Dr. Harden on common issues in and questions about applying PRISM and RE-AIM


Please see our “PRISM FAQs” page for more information.