Appendix A: RE-AIM Questions (revised 09/15/2020)



RE-AIM Dimensions

Where you see’ intervention’ below, please insert whatever suits your situation such as program, policy, guideline, practice, or procedure. [This intervention] can be replaced with the relevant term.



(INDIVIDUAL LEVEL): Number and percent of those who participate of those who are invited or eligible (i.e., intended recipients/beneficiaries).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1a. [This intervention] reaches a high percentage of the intended recipients/beneficiaries.

Representativeness:  Who is intended to benefit compared to who actually participates, including the extent to which there are equity concerns related to uneven participation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1b. [This intervention] reaches those who represent underserved audiences.



(INDIVIDUAL LEVEL): Whether your program is achieving its desired impact on your key outcomes. Effectiveness also includes the program’s impact on other important outcomes such as quality of life.

2a. [This intervention] is effective.

Effectiveness Representativeness: The variability in outcomes across participants, including the extent to which there are equity concerns.  

2b. [This intervention] is effective for those who represent underserved populations.



(Both SETTING and STAFF LEVEL): The number and percent of those a) settings (e.g., clinics, worksites, schools) and b) staff (e.g., clinicians, teachers, nurses) invited who agree to participate in a program.
                                                                                                                                                              3a. [This intervention] is adopted by a high percentage of the intended settings.

                                                                                                                                                  3b. [This intervention] is adopted by a high percentage of staff within the intended settings.

        Adoption Representativeness: Considers if a) those settings with the fewest resources and serving socially and economically disadvantaged clientele are as likely to participate as other settings, and b) if those staff who participate will be similar to those who decline.

3c. [This intervention] is adopted by low resource settings.

3d. Staff who participate in [this intervention] are similar to those who decline to participate.



Implementation                                                                                                                                                               (STAFF LEVEL) Implementation describes how the program is delivered in participating settings and is concerned with a) fidelity to core functions (or components), b) adaptations to the form of the program, and c) the costs and resources required.

4a. Staff consistently implement the core components of [this intervention] with high quality.

4b. [This intervention] is adaptable to fit local settings.

4c. The cost and resources needed to deliver [this intervention] are feasible.




Maintenance (Sustainability)

(SETTING LEVEL): The extent to which (an intervention) continues to be delivered (with appropriate adaptations as needed) to become part of the routine organizational practices, at a minimum follow-up of one year and preferably two or more years. 

5a. [This intervention] will be/is delivered over time in a high percentage of participating settings.

5b. [This intervention] will be/is adapted as needed so that it continues to fit local settings and changing context.

(INDIVIDUAL LEVEL): The extent to which (the intervention) improvement among participants is sustained over time.

5c. [This intervention] is/will show sustained effectiveness (at minimum 1-2 years).

5d. Representativeness including equity: [This intervention] is/will show sustained effectiveness for underserved populations (at minimum 1-2 years).