Jan Webinar: Dr. Rabin Dissemination and Implemenation

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On January 28th, Dr. Borsika Rabin, of the Department of Family Medicine and Colorado Health Outcome Program within the School of Medicine at University of Colorado, presented “Dissemination and Implementation Models: a review, constructs, and next steps.”

The presentation centered on a new Dissemination and Implementation Science resource.

The RE-AIM framework is one of the models explored. Briefly, it was determined that RE-AIM equally includes constructs of both dissemination and implementation (D=I). With regard to construct flexibility, RE-AIM scored a “4” (1 indicates broad [or loosely outlined] constructs and 5 indicates that constructs are conceptualized by definitions).

Feb. 3, 2015 – Tune in for the very interesting and challenging work of describing theories, models, and frameworks that aim to speed translation (a PDF of the slides can be found here)

Until next time,
Samantha Harden and the RE-AIM Workgroup