New Presentation and NCI Webinar Availability

Oct. 18, 2013 – Welcome to!

Over the past 10 to 15 years there have been a number of researchers interested in making their work more relevant to practice, whether it be in community, healthcare, workplace, or school settings. RE-AIM was developed to provide a number of outcomes that, if considered early and measured consistently, could inform the likelihood that research would be translated into practice. More recently, scientists like Sean Tunis and Kevin Thorpe and their colleagues have focused on pragmatism in research design and measurement. These efforts highlight the need to develop trials that lead to policy or implementation decisions and track the degree to which different trial characteristics represent pragmatic or more explanatory approaches. At the beginning of October Russ Glasgow delivered a session at an Implementation Research Workshop in Spain and demonstrated how RE-AIM planning, measurement, and outcomes can be integrated within a pragmatic clinical trial approach. The slides give a great description of how these approaches can be combined and if you are interested in a couple of papers on the topic also check out Glasgow et al. 2012 and Harden et al. 2013.

You can also watch Russ Glasgow in a webinar on Oct. 21 from 2-3pm ET.


Paul and the RE-AIM Team