RE-AIM Around the World

March 5, 2014 – Welcome to!

The use of the RE-AIM model across different research domains and countries has been growing almost exponentially.

Last August the Guide to Useful Interventions for Activity (GUIA) completed a systematic review of physical activity interventions in Brazil and Latin American and developed an external validity evaluation tool based on the RE-AIM framework.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with research and practice partners in these countries over the last few years and we are excited to share a couple of new resources for you.

About two months ago we published the first Portuguese translation of RE-AIM in the Journal Revista Familia, Ciclos de Vida e Saude no Contexto Social and taught a RE-AIM course in Brazil (slides from the first day of the training session are available [in Portuguese] here).

Last week, a small group of investigators from the Pausa Activa project did the first RE-AIM workshop in Mexico to a group of about 40 enthusiastic medicine and public health practitioners and researchers. We are happy to say that we will share these new RE-AIM resources to anyone who would like them! As a starter, we have included the Fundamentals of RE-AIM workshop slides here [in Spanish].


Paul Estabrooks, Fabio Almeida, and Karla Galaviz