RE-AIM International Spotlight

Aug. 27, 2015 – Welcome to!

We hope your summer was busy and rejuvenating.

The busyness of RE-AIMers is evident in the publications tab where you will find over 20 new RE-AIM manuscripts!

For a brief international spotlight, we would like to recognize the international use of RE-AIM, specifically in Korea, Brazil, and Canada this summer alone. We also note that RE-AIM site users are from all around the globe (as seen in the photo below of RE-AIM site users and frequency).

    Map of Users



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If you would like to share your work via live webinar in one of the monthly RE-AIM meetings, please contact me directly ([email protected]) as the list is filling up fast.

We look forward to another great academic year!

Until next time,

Samantha Harden and the RE-AIM Workgroup