Voting Now Open for 2013 Manuscript Superlatives

Dec. 13, 2013 – Welcome to!

We are now accepting nominations for the second annual RE-AIM Manuscript Superlatives. Since the beginning of 2013, systematic monthly searches have been conducted to identify manuscripts that use the RE-AIM Framework. This year there was, again, a record number of RE-AIM articles: 46 to be exact!

We would like you ( visitors) to vote for the 2013 RE-AIM Manuscript Superlatives. There are three categories: Top Conceptual Article, Top Review Article, and Top Original Research. The latter will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards as it represents 65% of the articles in this year’s pool.

Please click on the following PDFs to view all of the eligible abstracts, within each category.
1. Review Articles

2. Conceptual Articles

3. Original Research Articles

To facilitate voting, we created a survey link for you (click here or copy this URL: ( into your browser). Please select your first choice within the Review Manuscript and Conceptual Manuscript categories and top three choices within Original Research.

We will announce the top articles for each superlative in the New Year.

Please also send us any RE-AIM related presentations, so we can promote them in our ‘Presentations’ tab.

Happy holidays,

Samantha Harden and the RE-AIM Team