December 2019 Blog Post

December 2019,

We know its the time of year where conferences are happening, presentations are being made, and RE-AIM is all around you! For this month, we are continuing to expand our new RE-AIM resources from last month with two summary presentations on RE-AIM that incorporate the points made in last month’s blog post and more! In anticipation of different logistical needs for RE-AIM presenting, there is both a very brief 11-slide summary and a longer 29-slide presentation summarizing key points about RE-AIM.

We encourage use of these publicly available slide sets in your presentations to convey the latest and most accurate figures and tables for information on RE-AIM. The links to download these slide sets can be found directly below the image below.

Future blogs will discuss other new RE-AIM resources and additions to the website. If you have suggestions or questions please e-mail them to : [email protected]