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Try The New RE-AIM Planning Tool!

We have posted a new RE-AIM based self-assessment resource in the RESOURCES AND TOOLS SECTION. This tool is intended to help both program developers and evaluators to consider a number of issues importance for successful program reach, implementation, and sustainability.

You will be asked to reflect on a series of questions related to characteristics and anticipated effects of your program or policy initiative.

PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK… immediately after you have completed reviewing the questions there will be a few questions to help us continue to refine and improve this resource.

We anticipate adding more RE-AIM resources in the not too distant future and your input on what type of resources would be most helpful for you, your organization and community are important to us. If you do not see issues you are concerned about reflected in the questions following the planning tool, please contact Samantha Harden at harden.samantha@vt.edu.

Please send comments and suggestions or your own RE-AIM related work for inclusion on the site to Gina Schwieger